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1 Dollar Silver

US dollar types and years minted are listed below:

Flowing Hair dollar (1794-1795)
Draped Bust Small Eagle dollar (1796-1798)

Draped Bust Large Eagle dollar (1798-1804)

Gobrecht dollar (1836-1839)

Liberty Seated dollar (1840-1873)

Trade dollar (1873-1885)

Morgan dollar (1878-1921)

Peace dollar (1921-1935)

Eisenhower dollar (1971-1978)

Bicentennial dollar (1976)

Anthony dollar (1979-1999)

Sacagawea dollar (2000-2009)

Presidential dollar (2007-2016)

Presidential dollar FDCs (2007-2016)

Native American dollar (2009)

Hiawatha Belt dollar (2010)

Wampanoag Treaty dollar (2011)

Trade Routes dollar (2012)

Delawares dollar (2004-2013)


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